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... as a girl's name

Origin: Gaelic
Meaning: Sorrow

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Popularity Over Time: How Many Girls Have Been Named Deirdre

This chart illustrates how many Girls were named Deirdre in the U.S. since 1880.

A few facts about the girl's name Deirdre:

  • Records indicate that 14,626 girls in the United States have been named Deirdre since 1880.

  • The greatest number of people were given this name in 1961, when 793 people in the U.S. were given the name Deirdre. Those people are now 61 years old.

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    Comments about the name Deirdre

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      10 Positive Comments

  • "My name is Deirdre pronounced "Dear-dre" I know another person with the same name now.. Didn't like it as a child, but grew into it. It is me." Nov. 9, 2020: Report as inappropriate

  • "Hi.., I'm from the Philippines and Deirdre is also my name. I pronounce it as dare-dre but when it comes to other people, I just let them pronounce it as they like because I'm already tired of correcting them 😂. It was hard (I think it still is though 😂) for me because I had to pronounce it again and again whenever someone asks for my name, how to spell it, and how to pronounce it. So what I do nowadays when people ask my name is to spell it first then pronounce it. That REALLY makes it easier. I remember every time our teachers ask us to introduce ourselves every start of a new school year, I always knew that wether I like it or not I will become one of the "stars" during the introduction and that I need to start preparing myself on how to explain why that is the name given to me and where that name came from. 😅. Yeah that's pretty much my story. What's yours?" Jan. 5, 2020: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Deirdre, but almost everybody i know now just calis me D. D=Deirdre=D. I have heard Diedra, deedria, daredre. I have seen enough spelling mistakes for a life time, And lets say, some people get it REALLY wrong!" Dec. 27, 2017: Report as inappropriate

  • "I choose this name for my now toddler daughter because it is unique in the US. I needed an Irish first name to go with the Irish middle name I selected (for my grandmother)." Mar. 13, 2016: Report as inappropriate

  • "this name is for my friend.this name is loved by people at school.yes,people pronounce and spell it wrongly.the correct spelling is DEIDRIE.NO,I MEET NO PEOPLE WITH this name." Mar. 5, 2015: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Deirdre. I pronounce it deardra, but my grandma from Fermanagh, Ireland said it daredra. I hate the deedra pronunciation and when people try to call me Dee. I like having a distinct name that reflects my ethnicity." Sep. 21, 2013: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name. as an American it is even less common than ya'll in the UK. I hated it when I was younger. I wanted my name to be something popular like jessica. but as an adult I absolutly love it, and it makes you memerable to a professor, employer, or interviewer. I do go by Dee for less formal meetings, and Ill pretty much answer to anything remotely close to my name because everybody (except my friends at the irish center)I pronounce it "de-ear-druh" but ive heard Deer-druh, day-dray, dee-air-dray,, and on and on. Deirdre of the sorrows was interesting, and I have been trouble from my birth just like her. but resilient, strong, and determined like her too." Jul. 22, 2011: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Deirdre. I am Scottish, and in Scotland it is pronounced Dare-dray. I lived in Dublin for a while and it took me some time to get used to the Irish pronunciation Deer-dra, but better that than moving to England, where vowel sounds are so twisted....that was when I changed to Dee, because pronunciation was terrible and spelling was worse. Nowadays I am only Deirdre if I am back in Scotland or in trouble with my mother ;-)" Mar. 2, 2011: Report as inappropriate

  • "I didn't like it either as a child, and the mythology behind it didn't help! I've been called everything from dee-dra to deer-dree to deandra (really!!). Now, I hold my hands up like fake antlers (deer) and pretend to scribble (draw). Not an exact science, but definitely better than bleeding eardrums!" Sep. 24, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "Yea! alot of people say my name like dgra and spell it funny but i pronounce deardra i have never met anyone with my name it makes me pretty different alot of people know me because of my name" Jun. 9, 2007: Report as inappropriate

      15 Neutral Comments

  • "I love the name and my in 1979,I named my daughter Deedre., pronounced Dee-dra" Mar. 20, 2022: Report as inappropriate

  • "It?s my name and hardly anyone has ever been able to spell or pronounce it properly. My father named me as an Irish Queen and thought I would appreciate it 👎. I?m now 67 years old and always wished I had my sister?s name Jacky" May. 5, 2021: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Deirdre. I don't like it or how it sounds. People have mispronounced it my whole life. I think it sounds weird and all the letters repeat except the letter i." Mar. 4, 2021: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Deirdre and I hate it and go by DeeDee." Aug. 18, 2020: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Deidre (without the extra r). It is pronounced Dee-dree. I get all sorts of interesting spellings and get it pronounced all kinds of ways. I hated it as a child but don?t mind it as much now. A lot of friends call me Dee." Jun. 17, 2020: Report as inappropriate

  • "My names Deirdre but the proper pronunciation of this name is ?Daredre? ( not spelt this way) It?s a Gaelic name of Irish origin and not popular today but was very popular in the 1960?s . I love my name." Oct. 15, 2018: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Deirdre but I've never pronounced it dear-dra.. I've having the exact oppisiste problem as another comment. I produce and aphave pronounced my name since I was born, deer-dree. Everyone thinks is dear-dra at foster glance" Mar. 6, 2017: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Deedra actually and it is both the spelling and pronounciation others say they dislike! I love n have always loved my name tho when I was younger I hated that it was always said n spelled wrong!!" Jul. 14, 2016: Report as inappropriate

  • "My mum's name is Deirdre pronounced Dare-Dra probably due to the northern Irish is apparently one of the oldest names in Ireland. When I was younger people kept calling her Dee or Debbie but she has always corrected them to the correct pronunciation. I think through the ages the spelling and pronunciation has changed depending on the area the person lived." Feb. 18, 2011: Report as inappropriate

  • "Enjoyed a short-lived spell of popularity in the days before The Beatles, but is stuck in the baby-boomer era along with Linda, Sandra, Cheryl, and Susan. Since at least 1972 Britons have associated this name with the character of spectacle-wearing Deirdre Barlow in the long-running northern English soap opera 'Coronation Street' (both the character and the actress behind the character, Anne Kirkbride, are middle-aged women today but were teenage girls or young women back in the Seventies, depending on which part of THAT decade one may talk about). I think the name is way too early for a revival at the moment, partly because of its present-day associations with that soap (hardly anyone at the present time would even consider some of the names of the soap's past characters such as Hilda Ogden or, going back even further, Minnie Caldwell - though Emily, in spite of the now elderly Emily Bishop or even Auntie Em in 'The Wizard Of Oz', has made a huge comeback the world over in recent years)." May. 23, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "This is my name and everyone pronounces it wrong. Either Dee-dra, deer-dree, or something else out of this world. It's a popular name, why can't anyone pronounce it? It's like DEAR-DRA." Mar. 14, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "hi my name is Deirdre and i hated when i was younger. I have to always correct others and say it's dear dra. and no one could ever say my name or spell it. but little kids call me dra dra. now i love my name even through most people thing im deer-dree or dee-dra." Jan. 4, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "This is my sister's name. I always tell people, imagine you are writing a letter to someone named "Dra;" you would write "Dear Dra," well that is how you pronounce her name! My name is Kirsten (Ker-sten) so between the two of us no one gets our names correct, but we've learned to live with it!" Nov. 3, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Deirdre and I did not like it as a child. I was constantly correcting people of the correct pronounciation. As an adult I like the name. Nobody else I know has my name, There was no other Deirdre's that went to school with me, so I was never confused with anybody. I like being unique:) I pronounce it (Deardra) and everybody insist to call me (Deedra)" Jul. 6, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "I have only occasionally met individuals with my name, Deirdre. When I do, I make it a point to tell her I share the name. I pronounce my name, "Deardra", but my parents always told me DEIR really should sound like the word "Heir". Oh, well. I really like my name, perhaps because it is different. Anyone who shares it, should read about "Deirdre of the Sorrows" in Celtic mythology. Lots of fun." Mar. 16, 2007: Report as inappropriate

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