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Popularity Over Time: How Many Girls Have Been Named Brynn

This chart illustrates how many Girls were named Brynn in the U.S. since 1880.

A few facts about the girl's name Brynn:

  • Records indicate that 14,336 girls in the United States have been named Brynn since 1880.

  • The greatest number of people were given this name in 2011, when 1,655 people in the U.S. were given the name Brynn. Those people are now 10 years old.

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    Comments about the name Brynn

    85% Approval Rating
    Based on the comments submitted below
      22 Positive Comments

  • "My daughters name is Brynn Scarlett, I first heard the name on the TV show dance moms back in 2014 or 2015 and instantly fell in love so in 2019 when we found out we were pregnant with our little princess I instantly knew we would call her Byrnn. It's unique but still easy to pronounce and ages very well, much better than new made up versions on brynn like "brynlee or brynlyn" (those names or horrible). I've gotten mixed reactions to our daughter's name, most often people ask if it's short for anything but also get lots of compliments. Either way I love her name and think Brynn is still one of the most beautiful names." Oct. 10, 2021: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Brynn Alexis and I honestly love how unique it is. It does get frustrating as people always mistake it for Bryan. One of my professor's always says Bryan and I've gotten to the point where I give up correcting anyone. It is a refreshing people when people get it right the first time, though! A lot of people ask me if it's short for something, which it's not. Always get compliments on it and since it is a unique name people tend to remember it more!" Nov. 18, 2015: Report as inappropriate

  • "I think Brynn is a gorgeous name and I love the way that it's spelled. I am thinking of using it as my future daughter's name, but I think I'd probably use it as a middle name." Mar. 13, 2015: Report as inappropriate

  • "This is my daughter's middle name and we love it. Her first name starts with an L and for a nickname I like to call her LB or Lily Brynn." Jun. 7, 2014: Report as inappropriate

  • "Our second daughter is named Brynn Elizabeth. She's 5 now and it fits her perfectly :) We do get "Bryan" a lot especially with doctors which infuriates me! If her name was "LYNN" they wouldn't call her LION right? Now we are trying to name our 3rd daughter and nothing is catching my eye quite like that one did." May. 30, 2013: Report as inappropriate

  • "I named our daughter and only child Brynn Marie 25 years ago .at the time it was a combo of my name, Robyn and my husband Brent. It's amazing how many Brynn's there are now, but I will say she loved the fact she was the only Brynn in high school. Yes, it's been mispronounced Bryan many times! It used to drive me crazy. Well now my daughter is expecting her first child , hence the reason I'm on this website! Nana is looking for names! Can't wait for 1st grandchild!" Nov. 21, 2012: Report as inappropriate

  • "I named my daughter Megan Brynne way back in 1989. She says that she would have preferred having Brynne as her first name because it is so unique and beautiful. There were at least 2-3 Megans in every one of her classes in school. Who knew that name was gonna be so popular? Being named Denise in the late 60's I can sympathize with her." Jun. 20, 2011: Report as inappropriate

  • "I named my daughter Brynn Marie. She is almost 5 years old now. Everyone loves the name. Yes, she gets called pretty much everything that is listed above from the rest of you, but I think its well worth it. I would rather people mistake her name rather than to have her be one of two or three kids in her class. Like Haylee. There is 6 kids named Haylee in our preschool classes. I love the name so much! Most people around here have not heard of it until I named my daughter that. I got it from (sad to say this!) MTV. There was a girl on Real World named Brynn. I fell in love with it then! And 9 years later I named my baby BRYNN." Dec. 9, 2010: Report as inappropriate

  • "We just had a girl and named here Brynn. My wife was 100% for it and it is now growing on me. For the first two weeks I would have to think about the name because I wanted Reece so bad but now I need to come up with a good nickname." Aug. 10, 2010: Report as inappropriate

  • "My daughter is Brynn and we LOVE it...well actually, her name is Aubrynn and we call her Brynn." Jun. 16, 2010: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Brynn and i love my name because its very uncommon and makes me feel special. People do often pronounce it wrong. I have never heard of a boy named Brynn. I Love The Name Brynn!" Mar. 9, 2010: Report as inappropriate

  • "I named my daughter Brynn in November and everyone LOVES her name!" Aug. 12, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "My second daughter is called Brynn. I must admit that as a baby I called her Brynnie the pooh. When people see the name written down they constantly confuse it for Bryan, which is very annoying. She is 19 years old now and she loves her name." May. 18, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "i love my name the only problem is i'm called bryan. it's like where did the 'a' come in? and i don't like being called brynnie or brynnie the pooh. but if cute pet names are for you then i suggest naming your kids brynn...but be warned the girls may be called bryan." Jan. 22, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "Whenever we go somewhere for the first time people call me Bryan and I don't like it." Mar. 29, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "I have a baby girl I just named Brynna. We were having the hardest time choosing between Brynlee and Brynna they are both so cute. People always call her Brenna but no one has ever thought her name was bryan. i have never met any one else with the name." Mar. 22, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "Yes they think I'm a boy until they meet me. But I love my name as I was named after my Dad Bryan" Dec. 18, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "my name is brynn, and i love that name. though lots of people want to spell it bren" Apr. 29, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "Personally i strongly believe that the spelling should be Brinn. Thats how the cool kids spell it, thats whats goin down. ~Annon." Mar. 4, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "I absolutely love the name Brynn but I love Brynna even more,and it's gonna be our 2nd daughter's name. I know not everybody likes it but we do as we find it unique, feminine and lovely." Sep. 29, 2006: Report as inappropriate

  • "I have a three year old named Brynn. I love it. Everyone compliments it and it is still a unique name." Feb. 26, 2006: Report as inappropriate

  • "It is my daughter's name. About half the people we introduce her to have never heard the name before and about 99% of those we introduce her to tell us what a pretty name it is. Of those that have heard the name about half of them know a male named Bryn. Drs etc seeing her name for the first time often call her Bryan." Jul. 21, 2005: Report as inappropriate

      4 Negative Comments

  • "My name is brynnnn. Everyone calls me bryn. I hate it here. When will my parents pick me up??" Dec. 7, 2020: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is also Brynn, and I have to say I have mixed feelings about it. When I was little I hated it when teachers would mispronounce my name. To make things worse everyone said my last name wrong too. And the cherry on top, all the kids laughed when the sub/teacher called me Bryan. The one bright spot is, I was the only Brynn in the school. I was never mistaken for anyone else. Now that I'm an adult, the struggle is not over. I am mom and I take online classes. During the first week intro I state very clearly that I am a wife, mom etc. and I still get mistaken for a man. As a professional, I get e-mails and calls for Mr or Sir all the time. This is very frustrating. The same thing happens when I go to the doctors. My husband, who loves me dearly, is sometimes embarrassed because people see our names and assume I'm a man, that is until they meet me. I do have to agree my name is cute, but its cute for a little girl. Its not an adult name. (my opinion) I will warn you, if you name your daughter Brynn, she will get sick of correcting people, and she may have an attitude about it (I think all Brynn's have experienced this). As time goes by she will get used to it, but it doesn't get easier. When I go to Starbucks or anywhere else where they ask for a name, I give my husbands or I make one up. I don't want to deal with the hassle of correcting someone fifty times for a cup of coffee. If you really love the name, I would use it was her middle name. Give her an option of another name if she gets too frustrated. My mom did not give me that luxury... Oh and for all of you who don't know, Brynn is a boys Welsh name meaning the hill or mound." Feb. 21, 2016: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Brynn Alexis and I have disliked it for as long as I can remember. I get called Bryan or they pronounce it like wine when they see it before meeting me and when I introduce myself it always takes three tries. "What's your name?" "Brynn." "Bren?" "No. Brynn." "Britt? "No. Brynn. With two n's." "Ooohhhh, Brynn." It's so frustrating. Other than it being annoying I also hate how it sounds and looks. It may be unique by it's very boring. I know this sounds harsh but after having it for fifteen years, I can't one good thing to say about it. I don't mind Brynnyboo which I got when I was younger but there are no other nicknames. I get B from my sister but I'm not a big fan plus I have 3 other friends who go by B so that doesn't really work. Anyway, think it through a lot before you decide on Brynn because your daughter could quite easily hate it." Jan. 9, 2010: Report as inappropriate

  • "my name is brynn, my whole life (school, job interviews, doctors) they all thought i was a boy named bryan untill they met me. i hate the name. HATE IT" Dec. 7, 2007: Report as inappropriate

      19 Neutral Comments

  • "My name is Brynn Elizabeth. I don't care for my name, but I don't hate it either. I do hate and always have hated being mistaken for Bryan. It's a lovely name, albeit really short and to the point, and it can sound awkward to a lot of people. I also struggle with telling people my name. Brianne? No, Brynn. Britt? No, BrYNN. Bren? Yeah sure. Bee is genereally what I tell people nowadays, despite being a grown woman. I like being the only Brynn I know, and it is pretty. Just tired of being mistaken. Btw my sister is Samantha. Thanks, Mom." Apr. 28, 2018: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Brynn and the only thing associated with it that I don't like is how people say, "Bryan" when they see my name written down. I used to not care as much but it's gotten to the point where when they say it wrong, I yell at them and have a angry attitude with that person. It is probably one of the most annoying things to me. I just don't understand how Brynn looks like Bryan in any way." Feb. 27, 2017: Report as inappropriate

  • "Our 12 year old daughter is named Brynna. We absolutely love her name - so sweet and beautiful. People we meet tell us it is such a pretty name. We moved to a very small town and have learned of 3 other girls named Brynn (but not Brynna)who live here too. Very unusual. I love that she has a unique name and it sets her apart from the other Brynn's." Feb. 26, 2015: Report as inappropriate

  • "I have been called Bryan many times even from my doctors and teachers and I know 1 people with name Brynn she is a triplet and is couple years younger than me. Jan. 31 2003" Oct. 19, 2013: Report as inappropriate

  • "That is indeed my name, but I do believe I have the most unique way of spelling it: Bwryn There you have it.. It's pronounced the same way it's just the way my mother chose to spell it. Though, nobody knows how to pronounce it when they see it, which is why I love it so much. I think I'm going to work it into my daughters name somehow.. Mitche Bwryn Kai.. It's still a work in progress and many years away." Aug. 19, 2012: Report as inappropriate

  • "I have a girl with the name Brynna too! We have not met another Brynna, but have met several Brenna's and Brynn's. We love her name" Nov. 1, 2011: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Pamela Brynn, and ever since I was a baby my family called me Brynn. I wouldn't have it any other way, even though substitute teachers would always say "Bryan", and lots of kids would call me by my first name, Pamela, just to irritate me. Brynn suits me, it's unique but not abnormal." Sep. 10, 2011: Report as inappropriate

  • "After three boys we finally had our Girl and we named her Brynn. Unfortunately she is called Bryan. When people call to confirm her appointment they refer her as Bryan. Cmon on is Brynn!! Love my little Brynnie!!" Aug. 12, 2011: Report as inappropriate

  • "My granddaughter is named Brynn, and she has a problem with people pronouncing it Bryan also. I don`t understand why people have a problem pronouncing it, I think it is pretty straight forward. You just sound it out. I love the name, and it suits her. She will be 4 years old September 15, 2011. I have personally never known anyone with this name. I hope when she gets older, she will love it too!" Jul. 28, 2011: Report as inappropriate

  • "I called my daughter Brynne 13 years ago...I love it!! It suits her. But has been called Bryan in the last year!! She wants to go by her middle name...hope it is a stage..." Jun. 14, 2011: Report as inappropriate

  • "We just named our daughter Brynn. We have so many people comment on how much they like the name. We have never had someone call her Bryan. That seems odd to me since there is no "a" in the name. However, we have had to spell it for several people. :)" Dec. 1, 2010: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Brynn and i've always loved it! I have had people call me bren, or bryan.. but i don't mind. My nick names are Brynnie, Brynnifer, Brynnica, Bernise, Brynnilicious, Bryan, B, and Brynneth" Jun. 21, 2010: Report as inappropriate

  • "My wifes name is Brynn. I sometimes call her Brynnypooh, or my Brynnbear. It's a cute name." Dec. 24, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "hi my name is brynn everyone likes it they call me brynnie and the brynnster" Jun. 1, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "My daughters name is Brynne...and i looove it!!! but yes, she gets called bryan ALL the time!!! Poor girl :(" Mar. 4, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "okay so i totally hate it when my friends are like what's up brynnie the pooh, but............. at the same time i love my name its different and unique and many people like it." Feb. 10, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "No, the y in Brynn makes it so much prettier than Brinn. Its cute if it's short for Brynlee" Mar. 20, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "Personally i strongly believe that the spelling should be Brinn. Thats how the cool kids spell it, thats whats goin down. ~Annon." Mar. 4, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "Brynn is my Aunt's name, as well as my cousin's name, who is my peer, so I've always been familar with it. It is a beautiful and unique name." Nov. 4, 2006: Report as inappropriate

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