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Popularity Over Time: How Many Girls Have Been Named Andrea

This chart illustrates how many Girls were named Andrea in the U.S. since 1880.

A few facts about the girl's name Andrea:

  • Records indicate that 417,642 girls in the United States have been named Andrea since 1880.

  • The greatest number of people were given this name in 1981, when 11,671 people in the U.S. were given the name Andrea. Those people are now 39 years old.

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    Comments about the name Andrea

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      46 Positive Comments

  • "Pronounced ANDrea by Canadians, with the accent on the first syllable. In Scotland where my parents are from, it's pronounced AndREEa, with the accent on the middle syllable. I was sometimes teased that I was named for the sunken Italian ship, the "Andrea Doria"; however, not true. I was named after my mother's brother Andrew (Andy). My fellow athlete friends called me Andy for short, as one syllable is quicker on the court or on the field. No matter how my name is pronounced, I love it and would never change it. It stands alone as an uncommon name, without being trite or bizarre. Working in a very large metropolis, and living in a nearby suburb, I am the only person I know with this name. I am also the only Andrea I know anywhere, who is 57 or older." Sep. 17, 2020: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Anndrea (yes, with 2 N's) Dannette. When I was younger I hated both names, mostly because I had went by Annde my whole life (and still do). It is pronounced Ann-DREE-ah but I have heard it pronounced all different kinds of ways tho I don't know how folks came up with a lot of then, As I have gotten older, I realized that both my first and middle names were after mt parents' middle names-Ann for my mother, Daniel for my father-and since my dad isn't here anymore I have learned to love and appreciate BOTH names. I have, however, always liked being the only Anndrea or Annde in my class, social groups, etc and being first (or at least real close to the top of the list) when people were going in alphabetical order by their first names. Another reason I have grown to love my name is that it is not very popular so it makes me stand out pretty much any and everywhere!" Apr. 18, 2020: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Andrea and I'm 56 so when my mother named me wasn't a very popular name but I love my name it's beautiful. I pronounce it Ann-dre-a not Unn-drea. I had a nickname when I was little, it was d r e a I would be rather called my full name I think it's beautiful." Mar. 15, 2020: Report as inappropriate

  • "It's my name. I just pronounce it by syllables (an-dre-yah) but there are times thag there would be an accent (on-drey-ah) it's a cool name though there would be a lot of Andreas around." May. 28, 2018: Report as inappropriate

  • "ann-DREE-uh for me. I love my name. And it's an easy icebreaker -- people are always asking me is it anndreeuh or ondrayuh? I respect the other pronunciation, but I love mine" Jul. 21, 2017: Report as inappropriate

  • "I named my first and only daughter Andrea 2 weeks after she was born (January 1st,1972) because I loved the name, time was flying, I had never known anyone named that, and her Dad and I were fighting over what her name should be (I hated his choices too!) and I took the initiative and sent off the birth cert. w/o consulting him at all." Nov. 18, 2014: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name Andrea. I love my name. My mother wanted it pronounced On-dree-ah. Anyway you say it I will answer. It's not very common in my area and I stopped trying to teach people how to say it, too time consuming. I usually go by Andi, which is yet again the way my mom wanted it spelled. Wouldn't change my name in a million years. Because no matter how you say it it's always beautiful!" Jan. 30, 2012: Report as inappropriate

  • "This is my name but I have an accent mark in it so its Andre'a (On-Dre-yah). But still all thru grammer school college and even at work I get called An-dree-ya. Does my accent mark mean nothing? My dads name is Andre you wouldn't pronounce that An-dree so say my name right." Mar. 18, 2011: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is An-dree-uh. I love my name but people always mispronounce it." Oct. 21, 2010: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is pronounced On-dree-ah. Not too many people call me that, and its so funny when I introduce myself and say "Hi, my name is On-dree-ah" and they reply with "Oh, nice to meet you An-dre-uh." Frustrating. But I love my name! (Oh, and my middle name is Lousie too!)" Sep. 14, 2010: Report as inappropriate

  • "My sisters name is Andrea, and she pronounces it ann-dree-uh, but she goes by Andie. She has forever." Aug. 23, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Andrea(pronounced On Dray Ah). Teachers and others often pronounce it wrong, and it gets annoying having to correct everyone. Which is why I usually spell it 'Andrưa' with the "ư". I haven't met anyone with the same pronounciation yet. I like my name." Dec. 14, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "I named my first daughter Andrea. The name An-dree-uh was not at all common 25 years ago and she still enjoys being the only Andrea in a room full of Ashleys which was much more popular in the mid- 80's. It is a very elegant name which suits her well even today and it sounds even more beautiful when her British friends say it." Nov. 21, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "Hi, I'm a UK based Andrea, pronounced Ann-dree-a, as per another I really answer to anything...but occasionally get called Audrey, Anthea and else mentioned this...perhaps I'm a bit strange? I agree that Andrea is a great name as it's a normal rather than eccentric name, but still a little bit unusual." Nov. 16, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "I really love my name. It is different and theren't aren't many people that I know with my name only about two people. Well my name is spelled different (Anderial) and I like the fact that it is spelled different and it is pronounced differently. But I Love my name, I wouldn't change it for nothing in the world." Sep. 11, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "I really love my name. It is different and theren't aren't many people that I know with my name only about two people. Well my name is spelled different (Anderial) and I like the fact that it is spelled different and it is pronounced differently. But I Love my name, I wouldn't change it for nothing in the world." Sep. 11, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Andrea Louise. I love the name Andrea but not crazy about my middle name." Jul. 15, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "My names andrea. alot of people say it wrong cuz i guess theres like 3different ways to say it here in the USA. =) and then they tell me that once they get so used to saying it like that they call other people with the same pronounciation and then the other persons like "heyy thats not how you say it" and its like the whole th ing just replaying all over again. haha but anyways i like my name i think its alright." Apr. 27, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is mispronounced so much that I often no longer correct people. At one time it didn't bother me because people called me Adrienne, Alice, Angela, etc. but now it does bother me. I figured if at least they got the six letters right then so be it. Many of the other Andreas that I meet pronounce their name differently than I do. Perhaps that's why people get confused." Oct. 16, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Andrea and I love it. I think it's a strong name, not too popular but not too bizarre either." Aug. 8, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Andrea. I had no idea it was so common until I was recommended this site by my mother. My full name is Alexandrea which is funny because my husband is Alexander (Alex) and it's like a clash, our names. Sometimes i go by Drea, but I usually go by just Andrea. My daughter Marleena appreciates my (and her own) name. She loves long names like us!" Jul. 25, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "i love that name i have a friend named Andrea she pronounces it OHN-DREE-A also another friend who pronounces it AHN-DREE-AA" Jun. 30, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Andrea except pronounced on-dree. I might as well be Ondree!!" Jun. 27, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is spelled Aundrea like from the girl in Making the band 3. I prounonce it like it is spelled on-drea. My nickname at my school is drea even my teachers call me that. I LOVE IT ALOT>" Jan. 3, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "Im an Andrea!!...but since im hispanci many of my friends say it on-dray-a..while all my american teachers say on-dree-a or ann-dree-a..i prefer an-dree-a..i think that show it sounds the best..." Dec. 6, 2006: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Andrea, and I think I'm special because I dont know anyone else who has my name! When I have new teachers the sometimes prnounce my name wrong but I think its ok!" Nov. 1, 2006: Report as inappropriate

  • "I love my name! Even though most people say it wrong, I am still in love with it!!!" Sep. 19, 2006: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Andrea but I go by Ande. It's not that I dislike the name, I just think that it is to formal for me. BTW, the comment that was left on july 2 ... I get just the opposite. I'm an ann-dree-a ... maybe it's because of where we live??!!" Aug. 9, 2006: Report as inappropriate

  • "andrea is such a GREAT name, that is the best name in the whole wide world! It's better than all the names ever made in history" Jul. 3, 2006: Report as inappropriate

  • "I'm an Ann-Dree-ah. I love it in english, but in french it's more cut: Andrư-ah - yuck, too mannish." May. 25, 2006: Report as inappropriate


  • "It's a wonderful name to have. yes, people do mispronounce my name, but I just correct them." Mar. 12, 2006: Report as inappropriate

  • "I love my name! I actually hate it when I meet other Andrea's. I do not like when people mispronounce my name (there is one person who I don't mind). It's an-dree-ah NOT on-dree-ah or on-dray-ah. But my name MUST be pronounced on-dray-ah if you are saying it in Spanish. It's much appreciated. ^^" Feb. 23, 2006: Report as inappropriate

  • "I know someone who spells her name Andraya and its because her mom wanted people to say on-dray-a not ann-dree-a. and most people say on-dray-a because of the way she spells it." Feb. 22, 2006: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Andrea Rose and I love it! EVERYONE says "Andreeah". But who cares, at least its my name." Feb. 16, 2006: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Andrea and nobody ever says it correctly. My name is pronounced just like it I know of people who have the name Aundrya and pronounce is on-dray-a." Feb. 15, 2006: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Andrea and I absolutely LUV my name! EVERYBODY pronounces it "An-dreea" but I wanna be called "ondraya". Not very many people have this name, and that is why I love it! It is also a beautiful name as well." Feb. 9, 2006: Report as inappropriate

  • "pronounce it wrong, but I tell them to put an accent on 'e' and that helps sometimes." Jan. 23, 2006: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Andrea and i love too! It's rare at my school and people always tell me it's a pretty name!" Jan. 15, 2006: Report as inappropriate

  • "My best friends name is Andrưa. I always thought it was such a pretty name. no ever pronounces it properly they pronounce it an-dre-a when it actually is on-dra-ah and since it is french it is spelled Andrưa you need to have the accent or she goes Flippy! she has a ton of nicknames!" Jan. 2, 2006: Report as inappropriate

  • "Love my name...although growing up I wasn't too keen. In the UK, we pronounce it And-ree-a! Didn't know many Andreas whilst at school, but there are three, including myself where I work now!" Nov. 22, 2005: Report as inappropriate

  • "im an an-dree-a and i love the name. i didn't realize so many other people had problems with pronunciation, but like them i dont mind and actually find it interesting to see how other people pronounce it!" Nov. 20, 2005: Report as inappropriate

  • "It's my name and I love it! It's not people do mispronunciate, but i don't really care, I kind of think it's funny when they do." Jun. 27, 2005: Report as inappropriate

  • "I love my is a boys but i don't care. Nobody spells it right or pronounces it right either but i don't care. I'm proud of it. I rarely meet andother Andrea even though it's a little popular. I've heard it's popular in other places to! I really like my name!" Jun. 16, 2005: Report as inappropriate

  • "In europe it is a very popular name and here in the US nobody seems to be able to pronounce it right. I like my name." Jun. 12, 2005: Report as inappropriate

  • "I like it. It's really a boy's name but I'm a girl. It was unusual in 1966 when I was born. It's fairly common now but I very rarely meet another Andrea. People pronounce it different ways but I don't care." May. 26, 2005: Report as inappropriate

      15 Neutral Comments

  • "Hello. I have checked your and i see you've got some duplicate content so probably it is the reason that you don't rank high in google. But you can fix this issue fast. There is a tool that generates articles like human, just search in google: miftolo's tools" May. 6, 2020: Report as inappropriate

  • "Andrea is not MY name, but it is my youngest niece's (now 18). Her parents, both Americans from 2 very different cultural origins, (her mother, my sister, is Ukrainian, and her father, my brother-in-law, is Egyptian) pronounce it "ANN-dree-ah", with the accent on "ANN". I have always pronounced it "on-DRAY-yah", with the accent on "DRAY". Her grandmother on her mother's side (my mom), is NATIVE UKRAINIAN with English being her 3rd or 4th language (Ukrainian is her 1st), and when she pronounces the name, she "Ukrainianizes" it and says any of the following, ALL with a rolled "R": "on-DRAY-yah", "on-DRAY-kah" or "on-DRAY-youchkah", the latter two being a diminutive of the name and frequently used by Ukrainian-speaking people as a term of endearment, especially with youngsters, not just specifically for the name Andrea, but most other names as well, including male names. The above just goes to show that there are indeed more than one pronunciation, frequently several, for not just Andrea, but for other names, too, for various reasons. It is for this reason that I decided to ask my niece, when she got a bit older, what she calls HERSELF, as I realized that that's the only one who mattered here, as it was HER name and how she chooses to pronounce it and wants or expects others to pronounce it, was HER prerogative alone. So I asked her at 2 different stages of her life, once when she was 5 and the 2nd and last time when she was 14, both times explaining how different people called her by different names (or pronounced it differently) and that I wanted to know how she referred to herself when she told people her name. And both times I got the same answer: My name is "ANN-dree-yah", but I prefer to be called "ANJ". Just like YOU, Aunt Nadia, when you prefer to be called "NAJ". So there you have it. My Andrea, is just plain, but good ol' Anj, and I'm just plain, & good ol' Aunt "NAJ". And I wouldn't have it any other way..." Mar. 6, 2019: Report as inappropriate

  • "I?m Andrea (pronounced Ahn-dreh-ah with a rolled R). I don?t roll the R. My parents have accents, so i don?t know if they are saying Ahn or Ann. My sister & cousins (who have no accent) say the Ahn sound, so I assume it?s Ahn. They say Ahn-dray-ah. I say Ann-dray-ah though when I meet people through family. Back in my school days, no one called me by my name. I was Ann-dree-ah by all from nursery school through high school. I spoke up, so I?m not sure why everyone got it wrong. Even my best friends said Ann-dree-ah & they were at my house often hearing my family say my name, but they never said it like my family says it. As I got older, I realized that Ahn-dree-ah is the closest pronounciation to my name & by the time my husband met me I was Ahn-dree-ah. I?ve been introducing myself as Ahn-dree-ah for 24 years now. I do also go by Ahn-dray-ah/Ann-dray-ah a lot, like at work for example, but mostly only by family. I currently work with 500 people & at this company I hear 4 pronounciations all day long, including the one I was born with. I introduce myself at work as Ahn-dree-ah. My husband & friends call me Ahn-dree-ah. My nicknames are Ange & Annie." Feb. 17, 2019: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Andreah pronounced Ann-dray-ah. It is so uncommom but it is a way to spell Andrea and every site I search on said the only time more than 10 in a year have been named Andreah was 22 in 2003 which is when I was born. You can pronounce it any way you want people who i first meat can never say it right and someone onced called me Andrew. But its a beautiful name and I wouldn't change it." May. 20, 2017: Report as inappropriate

  • "im from romania and it is a VERY VERY VERY common name of 3 people i knwo its called andreea probably...but when i travel its nice cuz its not that common at all and romanian spelling its very particular "two E"so i do love my name" Jun. 18, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "i am an andrea. straight up ann-dree-uh. the only way to go!" Mar. 2, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "im writing a novel and i choose to name the main character andrea. i think it is a stunning name, that is elegant yet fun and light." Jan. 29, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Andrea but it is pronounced so many different ways. I prefer an-dray-uh. My family pronounces it ann-dree-uh which I don't really like. Still others call me an-dree-uh. I don't too much correct people anymore, its such a pain! I wish I would've gotten a cooler name, like my sister...her name is London!" Jan. 15, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "this isn't my name, but i think that it's really pretty :)" Jan. 14, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "My sister's name is Andrea - pronounced Ann-dree-uh." Dec. 27, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "Wow I didn't know so many people had problems with others pronouncing Andrea the wrong way. My name is ann-dre-a and with a couple of exceptions I don't have any people mis-pronouncing it. There's another Andrea in my group of friends at school which gets annoying at times. But I really like my name." Sep. 13, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "My friend is named Andrea (an-dree-uh) and other friend is Aundrea pronouced the same way too!" Jul. 1, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "ok, my name is Andrea but pronounced oh~dre~uh. i love my name bcuz no one at my skool is named Andrea." May. 2, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Andrea, prnounced as you would the feminine Andrew (my father's name). I really like the name, but the thing about it is there are many ways to pronounce it, and every Andrea seems to prefer the way which she is least often called. I'm always hearing "on-dray-uh" and cringing, whereas many girls/women whom prefer it that way cringe to being summoned by my prefferred pronunciation. Overall, though, I enjoy my name, and don't meet too many others with it." Mar. 19, 2006: Report as inappropriate

  • "Andrea is my name and I love it!! The only problem is NOBODY pronounces it right!! Everyone says ann-dree-a, and the correct pronunciation is on-dray-a" Jul. 2, 2005: Report as inappropriate

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