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Popularity Over Time: How Many Boys Have Been Named Rahsaan

This chart illustrates how many Boys were named Rahsaan in the U.S. since 1880.

A few facts about the boy's name Rahsaan:

  • Records indicate that 635 boys in the United States have been named Rahsaan since 1880.

  • The greatest number of people were given this name in 1973, when 116 people in the U.S. were given the name Rahsaan. Those people are now 47 years old.

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    Comments about the name Rahsaan

    97% Approval Rating
    Based on the comments submitted below
      33 Positive Comments

  • "My name is Rahsan. I was born in 1978. Pronounced Rah-saaan. This is a powerful name. Growing up when anyone mentioned the name Rahsan they knew exactly who you were talking about. I was told it meant beautiful/handsome. I've never met a dude named Rahsan that I didn't like. We're real folks." Dec. 6, 2015: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Rahsaan. I am 43 years old. I am from the east coast. I am also named after Rahsaan Roland Kirk. I named my first born son Rahsaan (age 19). We have experienced various mispronunciations and misspellings all our lives. People have told me they prefer Coltrane, Miles or never heard of Kirk. But, I believe Mr. Kirk inspired more people to name their children after him." May. 7, 2013: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Rahsaan. I was named after Rahsaan Roland Kirk as well. Not sure why but 98% of people who look at my name swear it is Rashad, Rashawn. It irritates me so much!!" Jan. 23, 2013: Report as inappropriate

  • "I named my son after both the famous musical Rahsaan's. He's a budding musician himself at age 11." Oct. 12, 2011: Report as inappropriate

  • "my name is Rhasaan Rolland Dark,33. and obviously i am named after the great jazz musician. it is also obivious that my parents were still under the influence of whatevter it was that all of your parents were smokinin as you were being conceived because they spelled my name wrong.i have also been called rha shawn as well along with rockson or even roxsan. it is good to know there are so many of us out here. i thought i was the only 1 for the first 13 years of my life but up until now i only met 2 and herad of 1 other. i also have a nephew age9 that is named after me.... lol we should start a national Rhasaan Day for all of us to celabrate. i once had a waiter at applebees that had the name Rhasaan Rolland, he was the 2nd one that i met i was 30 years old then.." Aug. 18, 2011: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Rahsaan, I'm 38, and I was name after The Great Rahsaan Roland Kirk. My parents saw him play & vowed if they ever had a son then that would be his name. I've been called everything but Rahsaan. I once got in trouble for telling my 4th grade English teacher how can she grade me on spelling when she can't even say my name correctly." Feb. 19, 2011: Report as inappropriate

  • "Peace my name is Darmel Rahsaan. It was at first my middle name but now its my last. I'm also named after the great god of them all Pharaoh Rahsaan Rolin Domino Kirk." Jan. 9, 2011: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Rahsaan O. Redmond.. I can't believe so many people carry the name. I thought I was the only one at a youg age and "hated" my name.. As I got older I started to appreciate my name more and more. As 38 yr old man now, you can;t call me anythng but my full 1st name. No shorts "rah"-"saan"- "rashaan" ( I get them all).. It is a RESPECT thing for me.. Also named after Rahsaan Rowland Kirk. (Man if he only knew, LOL).. Glad to see people share my same love of their name.. RAHSAAN !!!" Dec. 31, 2010: Report as inappropriate

  • "I named my son Rahsaan and he is 9 years old. I feel in love with the name in 1996 when neosoul artist Rahsaan Patterson reemerged on the scene, who was also named after Rahsaan Roland Kirk like so many others here. I heart the name. It is my child's middle name with his first name being Imad." Jun. 15, 2010: Report as inappropriate

  • "my boyfriends name is rausaan. differently spelled...he told me he grew up knowing its meaning as little king. though versatile and compassionate are perfect descriptions of him as well. i love his name. often mispronounced. there will be a rausaan jr. :) LOVE IT! love him-" Apr. 12, 2010: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Rahsaan but i pronounce it Rashan. I did some research on the name and found out that is does come from Egyptian and Arabic decent." Jun. 30, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "I also have been blessed to be named Rassan. My mother initially taught me the spelling "R A H S A A N" but it was spelled wrong on my birth certificate so I adapted the incorrect spelling of RASSAN which I unfortunately use til this day. No wonder I could never find the meaning. It wasn't until I remembered the original spelling did I learn of it's Hebrew meaning of "compassionate". I am artistband have noticed that most men who share this name tend to be extremely creative in one form or another. PEACE Brothers." May. 30, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "The name rahsaan derives from the egpytian sun god Ammon( we get the word A' men from) RA(or rah) only in arabic wil you find the origin double "aa" in their language which is another clue as to what and where your name really means and its orgin for example the word "canaanite" people( israel greek spelling owned the land according to the bible that muslim are now fighting over) of the bible and if you read a good two vowel book Black Athena the book explains why the "h" is before the "s" and why it is not pronounce ra'shawn that is incorrect it means more then small gift from god or Benevelonent king. I will type the rest of the origin of my god given name when I find the one piece of the puzzle that is missing. your namesake is precious and the egpytians believed that the soul did not exist without a REN like M.C. Ren from NWA brothers been dropping knowledge since the late 60 awake sleeping gaints. may we part in peace and peace be upon you and peace be unto you!" May. 12, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "I too, am a 36 yr old Rahsaan. I was also named after Rahsaan Roland Kirk, yet I was also curious of the origin. My parents said it meant 'creative one' and the orrigin was Syrian. I've looked in a few name books, checked many websites and have learned another meaning as 'versatile one' and it is a literal interpretation as 'son of Rah' ( the Egyptian god of the sun). 1 love to all Rahsaans!" Mar. 25, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "Yet another 36 year old Rahsaan whose name has been mispronounced and misspelled. The worst, I must say, is inadvertently selecting change on spell check and my letters are signed "Raisin." I'm sure y'all can relate. Roland Kirk is a favorite: "Volunteer Slavery," "Blacknuss," "Three for the Festival," and the list goes on. Glad to see so many of us out there. Question: Are we all African American?" Mar. 15, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Rahsaan and of course its very hard for people who don't know you to get it right. The good thing, you can always tell who really knows me by the way they pronounce it. I believe I was named after the Jazz Musician, but I have a twin named Rahman - so it flows Rahsaan & Rahman" Feb. 17, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "I have also met a female Rahsaan; it is the wife of a college mate. She told me it meant 'sunshine.'" Dec. 6, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "my sons name is rahssan. i thought it ment little king." Dec. 2, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "My son's name is Rahsaan. It has various positive meanings-Arabic-gift from God; African-Versatility. It was chosen, moreso or the Arabic meaning. My son;s name is OFTEN if the entire world is dyslexic and all they can see is Rashawn...Its easy...Rah-SUN. I love my son's name. I often say "My son, Rahsaan, is the sun that lights my life"" Aug. 9, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Rahsaan and although i never thought of it much it is a uncommon but sexy name for a boy and until i looked it up never could have imagine that a female could have had this wonderful name. yes it is always mispronounce but everyone who say it for the first time loves it." Aug. 7, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "My sons name is Rasaan but still pronounced the same as Rahsaan... and yes it is often either mis-pronounced or like when i take him to the doctor they just call him by his last name, even still I love his name." Jul. 26, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "Well i'm 31 years of age and I have been called everyhting up under the sun but Sun,I was giving this =name by my mother who also named me after the legendary jazz musican Rahsaan Roland Kirk, the name means in ARABIC young gift of god, most have said the first part of the name RA stands for gOD OF THE SUN ...My oldest son name is Rahsaan, and yes he gets called everything but we just call him RJ!!" Jun. 28, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Rahsaan and i agree like every one else that are name is the most mispronouce name in da world, but i learn to ignore it as long as they are close to my name i don't trip." Jun. 5, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "I love the name. That is my son's middle name. i thought I was being original. I loved it since I first heard it, befor I even Googled it!" May. 29, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "I've never met a female Rahssan. I am female and my middle name is Rahsaan, misspelled on my birth certificate as Rahsan. LOL My younger cousin was named after me- her middle name as well. My parents named me after the jazz musician Rahsaan Roland Kirk. I love my middle name and when I was younger often thought of going by it because my first name is more common." May. 14, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "I've never met a female Rahssan. I am female and my middle name is Rahsaan, misspelled on my birth certificate as Rahsan. LOL My younger cousin was named after me- her middle name as well. My parents named me after the jazz musician Rahsaan Roland Kirk. I love my middle name and when I was younger often thought of going by it because my first name is more common." May. 14, 2008: Report as inappropriate


  • "the most misspelled name ever!! I love my name though... so Original. Rahsaan D." Apr. 15, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "this in fact is my name, my fathers name, and my grand fathers name. people always mispronounce it and it gets annoying but i just don't understand what is so hard about saying Rahsaan. when i do a report and i type my name the computer does not even recognize my name. the correct way to say it is (rah-s-on) and it is spelled Rahsaan. yes i have on a few occasions plus i have relatives with same name and i have friends that have similar names but r spelled different." Oct. 29, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "I have only met one person with the name Rahsaan but i loved him! When i first met him i didnt kno how to spell it of even say it... i would spell it Rashaan and pronounce it Rashawn... I guess he was used to it because he never corrected people when pronounced it wrong!" Sep. 24, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "rahsaan is my name and people have a hard time saying it" May. 18, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "People ALWAYS spell and pronounce it wrong. It's like dyslexia kicks in and they SEE my name printed RAHSAAN .. but pronounce it RASHAAN. Over the years, I've been called Russell, Russ, Russian, Rasheed, Rashaan, Rashaad, Rasheen." Sep. 30, 2006: Report as inappropriate

  • "Well, I am met with a mixed reaction from most people. The most frequent occurrence that I deal with is listening to people mispronounce the name. Usually, with such an uncommon name, I encounter people who are perplexed by the fact that my name is not common, so I often encounter people who want to know my ethnicity. Generally, people tend to ask me this over the phone rather than in person. Not having a recognizable accent doesn't help matters much. All and All, I can say, like most people, I wish I had the last word when it came down to choosing my name." May. 4, 2006: Report as inappropriate

      1 Negative Comment

  • "My son is named Rahsaan. I get the Rashawn all the time. It is a hard core name. A strong name. A firm name." Apr. 3, 2008: Report as inappropriate

      32 Neutral Comments

  • "Rah - Sun God, the most powerful Saan - Son Son of God" May. 9, 2015: Report as inappropriate

  • "Hello, my name is not "Rahsaan" but I named my would be 38 year old son this name because of Rahsaan Roland Kirk and my sisters best friend named her son Rahsaan. My Rahsaan was shot 18 years ago but later sucuumed to his gun shot wound. In memory of him, his son that was born 2 months prior to his death is middled named Rahsaan and my 7 year old grandson is 1st named Rahsaan. I love this name and hold it very dear to my heart." Oct. 9, 2014: Report as inappropriate

  • "Greetings to all,On 9/9/11 my wife gave birth to our fourth son whom we named Rahsaan Naeem.It has been a week and we are already correcting people on how to properly pronounce his name.He has been called Rayshawn,Reesan,Raasoon.The only folks who come close to saying his name right are foreigners." Sep. 18, 2011: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Rahsaan I'm 39 and I too was named after the very talented Rahsaan Roland Kirk. As a kid I told people my name was Shaun it was just easy, now I won't have any of that, Rahsaan is pronounced bodly and proudly. I've been called everything but my name including my family. Question to the other Rahsaans. Have you ever called a girl and said your name and her mom said "her son"?? Lol" Jun. 22, 2011: Report as inappropriate

  • "MY Name is Rahsan with one a ... this name has spirit :)..." Apr. 11, 2011: Report as inappropriate

  • "hi, my name is Rahsaan Roland Kirton.. well, like most of you guys i am also named after the jazz player. i have both of his name. i live i Guyana, and i know im the only one with this name. so, its very hard to tell persons my name.sometimes i get called females names like roxanne. etc. when persons ask my name i say i dont have 1. i think the name is cool" Mar. 18, 2011: Report as inappropriate

  • "I named my only son Rahsan Jaimin Khalif. I thought all this time that Rahsan meant warrior. But it doesn't matter because he is the light of my life. He came into my life 20 years ago. He has brought me such joy." Jul. 8, 2010: Report as inappropriate

  • "my name is Rahsaan Malik I was born in Akron Ohio 1974 I'm 36 now and always knew my name meant something special,as a child in the kindergarten my teacher made me stand in the corner for correcting her for mis-pronouncing my name.the name RAH= means the Sun SAAN= means the son Malik =King so there U have.I was born the son of the Sun a KING" Apr. 26, 2010: Report as inappropriate

  • "I am a HUGE fan of Rahsaan Roland Kirk and am writing a book about his life. It seems like many people who posted here are named after him because their parents are fans. Please email me at: [email protected] would love to connect with any Rahsaan fans... cheers, may" Apr. 6, 2010: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Rahsaan as well and my late father was a huge fan of Rahsaan Roland Kirk too. I'm more into Coltrane, D. Gordon, and Miles. The name is unique and powerful and I'm very thankful he gave me this name. It seems that many of us are 36, which is probably at the height of R. Roland Kirk's popularity. Thanks for the all the contributors who provided some meaning too our shared name." Apr. 4, 2010: Report as inappropriate

  • "My son's middle name name is Rah'saan and he has taking to a different level Rah (the sun) (my son) being firmly pronounce he's 8 and very into his purpose." Jan. 6, 2010: Report as inappropriate

  • "We named our son Rahsaan after the musician. He is 30yo. His name has been pronounced Rasheen, Roshown, Rasan, and everything else! I still love the name but have been concerned about the name on his resume since the research came out about "African-American" names and employers' preferences." Dec. 9, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "This is my brother's name. He is 36, My mom was told that it is African, but doen't remeber its meaning." Dec. 2, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "I named my youngest son Rahsaan, after the great Jazz musician Rahsaan Roland Kirk. He has been correcting people who mispronounce since he was a young child. He told me one of his bosses pronounced his name as "Russell", go figure." Oct. 23, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "Yet another 36 year old Rahsaan....and I live in Chicago. I have been told that the name means "warmth from the son" and it is Egyptian in origin. My parents too were big fans of the immensely talented Rahsaan Roland Kirk. Like the rest of you guys, trying to have people pronounce the name correctly has been a torturous process....but I must admit that i love my name because it is so unique and it sounds strong." Jul. 28, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Rahsaan and i am 26 years old. i was also named after Rahsan Roland Kirk, my dad was a fan. i agree that no one can pronounce our name and had a horrible chilhood because of it. if that wasn't enought in 2002 i joined the US Navy and was discriminated because people thaught i was a terrorist or something. also i think i may be one of the few if not only white guy named Rahsaan lol." Jul. 25, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Rhasaan and I pronounce it the same. I was named after Rahsaan Roland Kirk even though I am female. I am 34 yrs old. It seems like our name was very popular in the 70's. No one can pronounce my name and I am constantly called Rashawn which I hate." Jun. 25, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "I am only thirteen years old and i am trying to look for the meaning of my name. I always felt that Rahsaan meant the wise or the philospher. Philosopher discribes me the most, and thats what im sticking to. Also my name is spelled wrong very often, and said wrong very often." Jun. 16, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "My husband named my first born Rahsaan after the Jazz artist, Rahsaan Roland Kirk. He names his first born Rahsaan as well. They arre Kings in their own right. Royal and manly. Much love. your mom Shirley" Mar. 22, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "my name is rahsaan as well i'm 36 yrs and was named after the jazz musician.just as many others my name is mispronounced and mispelled but i have come to live with it.however i chose not to name my first born son the same because of those reasons,but i do love my name and wouldn't change it for the world even though i see it appearing more and more nowa days" Feb. 24, 2009: Report as inappropriate

  • "My husband name is Rahsaan and my family calls him everything but how it suppose to sound....his parents named him after the jazz musician Rahsaan Rolind Kirk...actually the musician is blind and my husband grandfather was his driver in Philadelphia,PA." Dec. 8, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "Another 'Rahsaan' here. 36yrs. Also named after Roland Kirk. Same pronounciation issues. I read once that the origin is Hebrew, and it means 'bright wisdom'." Dec. 6, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • ""of many talents" that was the definition of our name that was told to me. like many of you on this post, I too have the most mis-eveything(ed) name in the book. I am thirty-six this year and I can recall my father telling me to consider changing my name when I got into the business world. not a chance. I love my name. actually, I am suprized to learn that there have been so many people with this name. my parents got the name from Roland Kirk also. Peace and prosperity to the RAHSAAN Nation ;)" Aug. 9, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "Nice name it means Benevolent King... beautiful name" Jun. 24, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "my name is Rahsaan and yes it is the most mispronounced name ever, so most people just call me saani which is also mispronounced also. so if people arent calling me raheem rasheen rashed they call me sunny about twelve times before they call me saani. but ita a name i wouldent change for the world so all other rahsaans i love you ." Jun. 22, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "My younger brother's name is Rahsaan, we are muslim, but I sometimes get disturbed that people don't even try to pronounce it correctly and he is only 10... im 13, I try to straighten them out sometimes." May. 18, 2008: Report as inappropriate

  • "It is rather personal, but it is my son's name and he loved it so much that he named three of his sons Rassan. So not only do I have a son with the name but three grandsons and a cousin with the same name." Nov. 25, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "My husband name is Rahsaan and his mother named him that after the jazz musician. His grandfather use to choffer him (Rahsaan Roland Kirk). People usually mispronounce it and say Rashaun. We are in Europe now he plays basketball and the announcer surprisingly pronounce it correctly. When we have a son that will be his name also. I think it is very unique." Nov. 5, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "The correct pronounciation is to first start with the Egyptian Sun god's name "Rah" and end with the "saan" (sun or sawn) sound. This name is very popular and the correct pronounciation of it is important; especially since there are two men, that I know of who are famous artist/jazz musicians in their field: Rahsaan Roland Kirk and Rahsaan Patterson. Now, including myself, I know two other men who are members of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. who carry such a prestigous name; spelled differently but pronounced the same. Much love to all Rahsaan(s) in the world!" Oct. 4, 2007: Report as inappropriate


  • "RAHSAAN is the name of my neice. She is a quiet but very strong-willed girl. I think it is also a gorgeous name for a girl." Jan. 3, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "I am female and spell the name differently. No one can pronounce it. Ra-saan. H is silent. Beautiful sounding name but it is arabic and nowadays that is a problem." Sep. 26, 2006: Report as inappropriate

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