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... as a boy's name

Origin: Teutonic
Meaning: Peace Bringer

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Popularity Over Time: How Many Boys Have Been Named Jeffrey

This chart illustrates how many Boys were named Jeffrey in the U.S. since 1880.

A few facts about the boy's name Jeffrey:

  • Records indicate that 966,145 boys in the United States have been named Jeffrey since 1880.

  • The greatest number of people were given this name in 1962, when 33,519 people in the U.S. were given the name Jeffrey. Those people are now 59 years old.

    So ... how do we know this stuff? Baby Names Hub identifies trends by analyzing vast amounts of data made available by the U.S. government and other public sources. This data, including social security statistics, provides detailed information on baby name popularity and trends in the United States.


    Comments about the name Jeffrey

    85% Approval Rating
    Based on the comments submitted below
      11 Positive Comments

  • "Jeffrey & Jeff are cool names, however many people have expressed fears that the late American Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer and his crimes severely ruined the image of the classic boys name "Jeffrey" and greatly destroyed the popularity of this name. As a Jeffrey, born in 1980, I have personally heard of myself and other Jeffrey's in the Public School system called "Jeffrey Dahmer" as an Insult, a very immature insult" Apr. 15, 2021: Report as inappropriate

  • "The baby name website has this to say about the name Jeffrey: "The name Jeffrey is a boy's name of German, English origin meaning "pledge of peace". The mostly Americanized version of Geoffrey was a trendy mid-century hit, with nickname Jeff the epitome of cool. Jeffrey entered the pop list in 1934 and was a Top 20 name from the mid-fifties to 1978. There are lots of Jeffrey/Jeff namesakes to reference--Actors Jeff Bridges and Jeff Daniels, writers Jeffrey Archer and Jeffrey Eugenides and race car driver Jeff Gordon."" Feb. 15, 2021: Report as inappropriate

  • "A cool Jeffrey moment was in The Star Trek: Voyager episode "Real Life" where the EMH, Emergency Medical Hologram doctor had a Holographic family and the name of his perfect Holographic Son was named Jeffrey, plus from the 1980s the "CBS Storybreak" Special "Jeffrey's Ghost" based on the Children's book of the same name" Feb. 10, 2021: Report as inappropriate

  • "A decent American boys name, Jeffrey or Jeff is cool, some famous Jeff's are Jeff Allen, News Anchor for 1010WINS & WCBSFM101.1 DJ Jazzy Jeff (born Jeffrey Allen Townes) American DJ, actor, who worked with Will Smith on "DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince" Jeffrey L. "Jeff" Smith, famous American Chef, hosted the cooking show "The Frugal Gourmet" The character of Pastor Jeff on the hit TV series "Young Sheldon" on CBS" Feb. 21, 2020: Report as inappropriate

  • "As a Jeffrey , I like my name, and I go by Jeff , I just hate how people often misspell my name as Jeffery, that's so annoying , anyone else hate that ? One friend of mine in High School jokingly called me Jeffreaky , and it's cool how the name Jeff is used often in TV shows and movies, lots of Jeff's" Oct. 15, 2019: Report as inappropriate

  • "I have see a lot of names over the years, but seriously nothing is better than "Jeffrey". It is the best. I can't believe everyone is not named Jeffrey or Jeff." Feb. 4, 2019: Report as inappropriate

  • "my name is Jeffery which is cool I go by Jeff and had the nick name Jeffy from many people and that was fine. The only bad part for me being named Jeffery is that in the second grade I had a teacher in a catholic school who told me I spelled my name wrong. In the early sixties you did not question. Now I have IDs with different spellings of my name. I will say the Army got my name right. Go 1/9 Cav" Sep. 1, 2017: Report as inappropriate

  • "I don't know if all Jeffrey's ,are the same,as far as meaning,such AS "GOD'S PEACE" All I know I wouldn't want any other name whether it's biblical, numerology Or whatever doesn't matter everything I read about my name I'm always in aw because the confirmation is always so profound sometimes it's a good scary.. Jeffrey just" May. 28, 2016: Report as inappropriate

  • "It's my name, and in 6th through 8th grade, there were a total of FIVE of us in the same class. And three of the five (myself included) were very close friends." Sep. 6, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "It is my name and for years, as a kid, I misspelled it. I was never sure if I was Jeffrey or Jeffery. Now I know. ;-)" Aug. 5, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "Our 8 yr old is named Jeffrey (he goes by Jeff at school). I think it is a solid, handsome name and couldn't imagine him with any other name." Sep. 18, 2006: Report as inappropriate

      2 Negative Comments

  • "This name is terrible. The "My Name-a Jeff" meme that went around for years ruined my childhood and gave me major depression due to bullying. Please don't name your kids Jeffrey or Jeff. Please. Please don't." Sep. 9, 2019: Report as inappropriate

  • "My name is Jeffrey (although I go by Jef, with one F) and ever since I was a boy, I remember this Bill Cosby standup routine about an annoying kid on the airplane who drove him nuts, and how he had to listen to his mother snapping "Jeffrey! Jeffrey! Get back here!" all the time. He commented on how much he grew to hate the name Jeffrey after that and it was officiall ruined for me. My fiance says she loves the name, and my friends all agree that I match the sensitive and intelligent legacy that the name has. The name means "peacemaker" and I have always been able to mediate arguments between people and "translate" what one party is really trying to say to another, so if you want your child to have those traits, you'd be doing them a service to name them Jeffrey." Apr. 17, 2007: Report as inappropriate

      4 Neutral Comments

  • "Well its the name of my boyfriend and it sounds so sweet to my ears and am encouraging all partent should give their sons jeffery i love the name because when ever i hear it there is always a smile on my face" Jun. 1, 2021: Report as inappropriate

  • "I didn't realize there were multiple ways to spell it till I got older (how hard is it to remember R,E,Y??). Then I met another Jeff as an adult who asked me, "did they spell your name correct?" . What do you mean?, I asked. "Jeffeeeerrry" he said. Ah, I see. Been grateful to my mom ever since for knowing how to correctly spell my name. (Side note; I believe the name fell out of vogue when the world became aware of 'Dahmer'. But he's read and a distant memory and it seems to be experiencing a renaissance.)" Feb. 13, 2020: Report as inappropriate

  • "My son is Jeffrey ( born in April 1983), my brother in law is Jeffery born in 1958. My only complaint is that my son's had his name mispelled so many times (Jeffry, Jeffery) that it really makes me wish I had named him something different that didn't have a variation on spelling. Nobody messes up David." Nov. 27, 2007: Report as inappropriate

  • "This is my fiance's name and I love it. It is very masculine, attractive and athletic sounding. More people should name their sons Jeffrey." Dec. 6, 2006: Report as inappropriate

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