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What People Are Saying
Logan, a girl's name
(Sat, Sep 14, 2019)
"Our 6 year old daughter's name is Logan, but we spell it Loganne. We think it looks more feminine that way lol. Her middle name is Kassandra. We have a very beautiful and very short last name that works very well with Loganne. And yes, she was indeed named after Wolverine lol. My husband is very proud of that. We're big comic book nerds lol. Most people don't like the name for a girl, but we do and that's all that really matters."

Tracy, a girl's name
(Sat, Sep 14, 2019)
"I'm thrilled to have found this page! I am a Tracy born in 1974 and I have often expressed to friends how much the variation "Tracey" particularly bothers me. My friends think I'm crazy. I have now found my tribe! I tell them that were my spelled name "Tracey", it would completely change the pronunciation to "Trace-y" and not "Tra-cy." More importantly, we all learned in grammar school that "y" is often used as a vowel. There are tens of thousands of English words that end with an "e" sound that are spelled with a "y." For example: any, plenty, thankfully, rightly, wrongly, friendly and countless others. I love my name because its so classic and simple so when people add a completely unnecessary vowel to it, it drives me crazy. So relieved to hear I'm not the only one. I don't mind other spellings, like "Traci" or "Tracie" or even "Tracee" because at least they conform to grammatical and spelling conventions. An earlier poster noted that her middle name is "Ann." So is mine! And, again, I love that it's not burdened with an unnecessary vowel on the end. There are many Tracy's with my last name, so I began using my full name professionally years ago. I find it hysterical that people will spell my last name correctly, even though it includes a silent "p," but then ROUTINELY misspell Tracy and Ann??? I do love my "ey" friends, but remind them that our names shouldn't really share the same pronunciation. :-)"

Roel, a boy's name
(Sat, Sep 14, 2019)
"My short name is Roel pronounced as ro-well. It?s a common name here in the Philippines. Other variants are Ruel, Rowell and Rowel."

Karlie, a girl's name
(Sat, Sep 14, 2019)
"I?m also named after a Carl, my grandfather (Carl Lee) Personally, I hate the name. My mom just made it Karlie but my friends call me Karl and Kar, and Icarly."

Baby, a boy's name
(Fri, Sep 13, 2019)
"My actual real first name is Baby, and I am so proud to own this name. As a beautiful woman, the name fits me perfectly. It is indeed very unique. I am guaranteed to be the only person with this name in any place that I go to. My name is repeatedly said in many songs (including the best classic love songs), and it's so fun showing people my I.D card and seeing their reactions to my name. I love my name so much, I thank my mother for giving me this awesome, fun, unique, one of a kind, beautiful as well as sexy name."

Tyler, a girl's name
(Fri, Sep 13, 2019)
"I love it. It's such a beautiful name for a girl and I wish it was more common. In fact, I think Tyler is the most beautiful name in the world for a girl. Truth be told, I hadn't thought much about it in the past, as I had never met a female Tyler I never questioned the association of it being a boy's name, but then I met a female Tyler and when she told me her name, it sounded so beautiful, so melodic, so feminine, like it should only be a girl's name. Now I can't see it as anything but a girl's name. I love the way it forces your mouth into a smile when you say it. The few female Tyler's I've met tend to smile a lot, like they know their name sounds best when said with a smile. It has every trait of an old-fashioned, traditional proper lady's name, so how did it become popular with boys? A fluke of history, I guess. Either way, I love the name Tyler for a girl and meeting a female Tyler always makes me instantly happy."

Asha, a girl's name
(Fri, Sep 13, 2019)
"My name is Asha Mueller. I think that the name is unique because I have never met anyone else names Asha. I live names that are different to what I'm used to."

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