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What People Are Saying
George, a boy's name
(Sat, Dec 10, 2016)
"george is my middle name and i lik it a lot because it is a cool middle name, not first tho then i sound like old"

Maryann, a girl's name
(Sat, Dec 10, 2016)
"I like the way people from all different countries know my name when I travel, it's a classic! However, some people do call me Mary, even though I spell my name as one word 'Maryann', and also I get called Annemarie, Marian. I think it's a proper name and people take you seriously with it, which is good for girls to have."

Tanner, a boy's name
(Sat, Dec 10, 2016)
"my name is tanner i was born in 93 and i love my name my middle name is jacob so i get tj alot i wouldent want another name"

Doris, a girl's name
(Sat, Dec 10, 2016)
"Good for Rockband and Slavic Doris who have strong enough personalities to embrace this name. I did not. Hated it, was teased my entire childhood and adolescence about it. I think a person should be happy with their name, that it should be a reflection of who they are. I don't think anybody should suffer because of this decision made by their parents. I didn't even have a middle name as a back up option! So I finally legally changed my name to one I could proudly respond to, and even added a middle name. I couldn't be happier! By the way, it most certainly does not mean 'gift from God'. It is of Greek origin and means 'Dorian woman' and also 'sea nymph'."

Sabra, a girl's name
(Fri, Dec 09, 2016)
"Im 19 and my name is Sabra, pronounced "saybra" as I often times have spelt it to make things easier, though as I am adulting, I am learning it is truly easier to all if its the same on my birth records. I was named after my great grandmother Sabra and I have yet to meet her though I plan too soon hopefully to learn the history behind her name. Though I reside in Cali, my mom has been up and down the south during her life and the ritual of 2 names in 1 in the south tacked the french spelling;english pronunciation of the name Belle to act as both a second-to-first & middle name; Sabra Belle. Often I am mistook for Sabrina, or am believed to be shortened for it, and commonly as well sabra the hummus brand. Early school years I was often compared to a zebra. Leading into my long list of famous nicknames; Zebra; Zaybra; Sahbra; Hummus; Sabes; Saybertooth (most iconic); El Tigre; sawhber-tuff; Sabrita; Sabrium; Sayber & Santa (iphones are programmed to correct my name to Santa; deeming me the nick name)...just a few for example, if you want a fun name to play around with, look no further. That list extends far beyond what Ive shown. I have yet to meet any Sabra's, though I have knowledge they are there. Although, did not believe any were out there until a few years ago. I have knowledge of my own great grandmother (her nickname being Sasa; my mother couldnt say the name as a baby and it stuck) I have facebooked and twittered and googled the name and have only come up with 2 other girls both close in age, thanks to this site I see there are tons more and dont know how I only have the measly 2; Ive never heard of anyone knowing of the name until just a week ago I met a nice boy my age from France, and when he reacted calmly to my name we had struck up a convo that the name is very popular in France & Europe. Most of my life I did not enjoy this name, or being different, being an Aqarius I grew into myself and change and extraordinary are what I identify with. Correcting teachers or any takers gambling on saying my name was not my thing, funny enough the students or friends I had were quicker to correct in my life. Typically im so used to the nicknames, when pronounced wrong I dont say anything and I go along with whatever name they say until someone corrects them. Its quirky as I am as well, and quirks are beautiful, and that happens to be the meaning of my second-first name belle coincidentally. This is not a name I ever thought was a big deal, in fact in my own head its rather boring, though I had heard myself say my own name in a fit of talking to myself and heard the name in a new tone and had realized I had a style to my voice when saying the name that was different from others from training my mind and speech that i hadnt liked it, and when said I affiliated it with an awkward tone and when hearing the style of name said so sweet I believed years of compliments I never had prior. 9 times out of 10 every person when introduced to me says my name is beauiful, 8 times out 10 pretty. boys will say its "dope, cool, rad, sick, crazy" sick and cool are the most common, older men will say its lovely. Never have I heard a bad remark or comment even gossip over my name other than my own. This is a guarantee of compliments wrapped wih a bow and gifted to a life, my name is a gift. I stand out without even trying and though I no longer pursue such things, I was a performer and the art of it was my career goal and this name really helps pick you out of a crowd,I am now pursuing writing and a number of careers in my life ahead of me, and a license in cosmetology under my belt to kick start the flight attending career I will take up this next year to travel around the world and write about it and things like my name. This name helps u stand out to job considerations, resumes & applications or being considered for any and or all types of things. This name has probably gifted me more opportunities and companionship's than I could see. This name is special and all names are there is an art to naming a being or if ur silly like me, any inanimate object. It gives that object or person a character it brings them to life, numerology plays important roles in our lifes due to our names and this name holds a kind of key to a little bit of an easier path to walk down life. I dont know how my name has benefited me to be honest, its something that influenced the world around me and how they viewed me and the results from those views effected me and its something that I hate isnt any of my business, it is an influence, this name is an influence and I am so happy to be Sabra. I never quite knew the definition, I have researched endless articles, but it has so much diversity and its so interchangeable I can not pin it, it is incredibly hard to define, just like me. It is incredibly hard to define This is the real definition of the meaning of the name Sabra. Rated thumbs up by me and everyone Ive ever known. If any Sabra's of any spelling or pronunciation are wanting to network and compare and gather intel on ourselves through our name through eachother, feel free to drop in an inbox of any kind.. instagram : saybra_belly; twitter : @sawhbertuff; email : ........see ya on the flip side xoxoxo"

Ashlea, a girl's name
(Fri, Dec 09, 2016)
"My name is Ashlea and people always call me Ash-lia or Alisha!"

Jordy, a boy's name
(Fri, Dec 09, 2016)
"I swear I'm naming my kid this one day. Except I want to spell my boy's name "Geordi". I like guy names that end with an "ee" sound - I think it's unique and sound strong and sexy. I might have gotten the idea from Geordi La Forge from Star Trek lol, but thankfully, by the time I have a kid, no one will associate his name with a TV show from 1987."

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